into summer
Into Summer
5 minutes, Video
Painting with light, this film is a visual poem that wanders into the realm of optimism. Among the optimism reside the poignant common moments of everyday life. Recipient of a BC Institute Of Technology 'Panasonic Video Award', 2005.Play Film »
turning the horses head
Turning the Horses Head
10 minutes, 16mm experimental film
This oddly beautiful film pulls the viewer onto its spine and carries them through a tactile experience of light and emotion. A tantalizingly quixotic film, this piece is composed of layers of resin, flower petals, horses, glue, hair, pencil shavings, jazz, butoh, cowboys, ink and leaves.

Turning The Horse's Head was jury selected and screened in the Dawson City International Short Film Festival - "Out of the Ordinary: Films Without Boundaries" 2002.Play Film »
inciting the dogs to chase
Inciting the Dogs to Chase
8 minute, 16mm experimental film
This film deals with concepts of violence and aggression throughout human history. The film approaches the idea that violence has evolved beyond human interaction, into the relationship between nature and human, environmental degradation and decomposition of personal, ecological and community ethics. This film is rich in symbolism, including references to Macbeth and the washing of blood from hands.

The soundtrack is composed using degenerated human voice. Gem Salsberg calls this limb of her filmmaking process "sculptural imagery". Looking at the film's actual surface, you would see that there are many physical layers to the piece. The surface includes a platform of discarded films, found footage and computer generated imagery using self portraits hand-coloured and electronically processed onto clear plastic vellum, then meticulously sliced into strips of film-sized frames and spliced onto the actual body of the film.Play Film »